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Why Is Arizona’s Audit so Important?

COMMON SENSE: Many people are baffled by what is happening in Maricopa County, Arizona. Because the 2020 Presidential Election is over, long over, they just don’t “get” what the relevance of auditing the vote would be. “This is not going to change a thing,” people routinely say. Even those who are convinced the election was stolen don’t believe it will. Millions believe that what is happening in Phoenix is just a waste of time and tax-payers money, but is this true? Is it a waste of time and money? Is this as meaningless and ridiculous as O.J. Simpson’s pledge to find the real killer, or does what is happening have real teeth? Against all odds, does it have the power to change anything?

I believe it does. Because I do, let me try and provide you with a brief synopsis of what is happening and why it is so important. The fundamental problem is there are credibility issues with what happened before the 2020 Presidential Election, during the vote itself and after the vote was cast—not just little problems either. Because the voting irregularities have been substantial, actually affecting the outcome of the election, an audit of what happened has been ordered, and it has been transpiring for weeks.

An audit, by the way, is different than a recount. An audit digs deep. It’s what the IRS does to “get to the truth” about tax evasion. A recount just re-adds what is already assumed to be accurate. It does not determine whether or not the votes being counted are legitimate. An audit determines legitimacy.

Therefore, if everything was done by the book and was on the up-and-up, in theory nobody should oppose an audit, right? But, this isn’t what’s happening in Maricopa County, is it? No, not by a longshot! There has been consistent, vigorous and significant opposition. In fact, there has been downright obstruction of justice, including deleting files. The obstruction has been so defiant that it seems obvious the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which is dominated by Democrats, has been hiding the truth about what they have done. The list of their obstructive tactics has been substantial but, without getting into the weeds about what they’ve done, there are two issues involved that make the outcome so important.

First, the primary allegation of Arizona’s Republican state senators is that enough fraudulent ballots have been counted to flip the state from Trump to Biden. The audit will determine if this is true or not. Since those performing the audit have been very good at keeping a lid on what they’ve discovered, nobody knows for sure how many votes were miscast. One thing being used to verify accuracy is the watermark that is present on every legitimate ballot. If the watermark isn’t there, the ballot isn’t legit.

Second, in defiance to the court order, both the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Dominion have refused to provide the passwords and routers required to perform the audit accurately. Dominion’s responded by stating, “No company should be compelled to participate in such an irresponsible act.”

So far, they have not acquiesced to the court order. But, why is this so important? If discarding illegitimate ballots is enough to change the outcome, then what’s the point?

The point is crucial. No complete audit can be accomplished without such access. By gaining access, which is part of the original court order, the auditors can determine the IP of who had access to the election. This, and this alone, will allow us know if there was foreign involvement in determining the election. That’s how crucial this is. This will answer the question of whether or not treason was involved.

But, even if there was treason, what difference will it make at this point, you might ask. Perhaps a great deal is the answer. Fraud vitiates everything. This is not only important for the results in Arizona, but it also provides a potential roadmap for what happened in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada, maybe other states as well. We must obtain answers to all of these questions. The future of our republic depends on it. Without getting to the truth, we can never again be confident that our votes, that the will of the American people, will determine the outcome of our elections.

—Jack Watts

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