Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

What is the Job of the Blue Shirts in the Maricopa County Audit? Doug TenNapel Provides the Answer (VIDEO)

Many people watching the audit taking place in Maricopa County are curious as to the purpose of the different colored shirts.  These shirts are used to designate the various duties for each group of auditors.  Today we provide an explanation for the duties of the individuals in the blue shirts. 

We’ve already reported how the audit of the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County may be the most transparent audit ever.  The entire process is videotaped by at least nine cameras placed within the facility where the audit is taking place, the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.  This is the total opposite of the Democrats’ vote counting process that took place after the election.

In the current audit, there are individuals in various color shirts which represent different activities going on in the Coliseum.  Those in blue shirts have a very important process to perform.  According to Doug NenNapel, in the following video, those individuals wearing the blue shirts are looking at the folds in the ballots and perhaps other things as well:

You fold a piece of paper and it leaves a mark.  You fold it twice and it leaves a mark.  So they’ll be able to tell even if a paper ballot was folded and mailed to the voter and the voter pulled it out, opened it up, marked it, refolded it, put it in an envelope, and the envelope went through our postal system.  All of these leave physical marks. All of these can be detected by the human eye by experts who will increase their perception across 2.1 million ballots.

This is still safe.  I haven’t seen one comment or proof against it that shows that it’s not effective, transparent, will not give everyone, every American, more information about how our voting system goes.  If it’s all done on camera.

These are the nine security cameras that you are allowed to see.  I guarantee you there are a ton of other cameras for security reasons all over the floor.

We don’t know all that is going on specifically by group.  But even with what we know, we can see more going on in this audit than any election vote counting exercise or audit to date.  Cameras should be mandated for all audits and vote counts that take place in elections from this point forward.

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