Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Big box stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Wayfair, and Kroger have all stopped carrying “My Pillow” products.

Supporters of Mike Lindell protest Kroger store in Michigan for dropping My Pillow products from their stores.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Christian, patriot, and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will lose over $68 million+ this year alone, thanks to decisions by these big box stores to punish him for fighting to expose the election fraud in the November 2020 election.

Mike Lindell has been permanently suspended on Twitter and his Absolute Proof video has been removed from Vimeo and Google-owned YouTube. Why are social media bullies allowed to decide what Americans can or cannot see? Who made them the ultimate judge and jury about which news is acceptable and which news is unacceptable? When Americans flocked to YouTube, it was because their platform gave us a place to go to see original content—now, it’s a place where users go to view content big tech overlords have decided fits their narrative. YouTube has become anything but a free speech platform.

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100 Percent Fed Up and the Gateway Pundit have been permanently banned from Twitter. We’ve lost over 90% of our traffic on Facebook and several years ago, it was discovered that our conservative news websites both earned a spot on Google’s famous “blacklist,” of sites they demote. In other words, they bury links to articles we publish when users search for topics we’ve covered.

Today, Mike Lindell announced that Vimeo, the so-called free speech platform, has “terminated the My Pillow account.

According to the Daily Beast – As of Wednesday afternoon, when users click on pages for the “Lindell Management” Vimeo account, a “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page” message appears for where MyPillow and Lindell content was once hosted.

“This is worse than what Twitter did to me and my company!” Lindell said in a brief phone interview on Wednesday. “This affects my business, the Lindell Recovery Network, and the entrepreneurs who I work with.” Lindell also sent The Daily Beast a screenshot of what he said was an email he and his team received from Vimeo on Wednesday at 12:36 p.m. ET, and it reads, “Your account was terminated for violating Vimeo’s Terms of Service…and Community Guidelines. We do not allow accounts that upload content created by or mainly featuring a banned user. As the purpose of your account is to promote content from a banned user, it has been removed. We wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting platform better suited to your needs.”

Lindell has been a key financial backer and advocate for pro-Trump efforts to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. In the time since Biden’s inauguration, he has stayed in touch with Trump and has also been embroiled in a legal fight with Dominion Voting Systems.

Following publication of this article, Vimeo sent a statement reading, “Vimeo strives to enforce policies objectively and consistently across our platform. The account in question is currently suspended and pending review from our Trust & Safety team. In the event we determine that the account has uploaded content that violates our terms, we will take appropriate action including content removal and, potentially, account termination.”

Many of our readers have asked how they can help Mike Lindell recover from this massive loss to his business. The best way to help Mike is to purchase his products directly at or call to ORDER NOW: 1-800-544-8939

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Mike has turned to conservative publications like ours who are still reporting the truth, despite the incredible odds we’re facing to get our content out to the masses.

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