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US Census Bureau Confirms Major Discrepancy In Total Number Of Voters In 2020 Election

(Republican Party News) – The 2020 presidential election was a complete charade. It had the appearance of a free and “secure” election but in reality it was a well-organized effort to usurp the presidency of the United States.

Tens of millions of Americans know the election was not legitimate and we aren’t just going to stop talking about it. We aren’t just going to forget about it and look to future elections. This election was the biggest scandal in US history and as much as the Democrats want Americans to simply look the other way, it isn’t happening.

All logic defies a Joe Biden win in 2020 and the evidence has been overwhelming, despite the mainstream media’s lies that the evidence doesn’t exist. Yet we’re all just supposed to play along and pretend Joe Biden is the president.

All roads seem to lead to fraud and that’s even true of the 2020 US Census. The results of the census are also pointing to the 2020 election being fraudulent.

According to the US Census Bureau’s results from the 2020 Census, there are obvious discrepancies with the results of the 2020 Election.

The Election Wizard reports that as part of the Census, the government collects data on citizens who self-report as having previously voted in presidential elections. The data that has been collected just doesn’t seem to support the results of the 2020 election and presents an unusual anomaly.

The recorded number of people voting in 2020 was tallied 154,628,000 but the official number of ballots cast in the election are just more than 158 million. That’s nearly 4 million votes.

Lawyer Robert Barnes told pollster Richard Baris during an interview on “Inside the Numbers” that, historically, the Census tends to “pin on the nose” the recorded vote numbers with the actual results.

In layman’s terms, the two data sets have historically matched spot on. It should come as no surprise that the numbers from 2020 aren’t lining up.

The Election Wizard points out that in 2008 there was a slight under-reporting of 131,100,000 having reported to have voted while the official election results showed 131,300,000 ballots cast.

That’s pretty spot on with only a slight difference of around 200,000. The Election Wizard points out that the numbers have historically matched but in all of the cases where they were “grossly botched” it was because “the bureau over-recorded the number of those who voted.”

Not the other way around like we are seeing from the 2020 data sets.

The Election Wizard continued:

“Consider the following: In 1992, the Census over recorded the official results by slightly more than nine million. In 1996, the Census again over recorded the number of reported voters by roughly nine million. Similarly, the bureau recorded the number of those who voted in the 2004 election as 125 million, while official results placed the total at 122 million.”

Of all the years for the official number of ballots cast to be way more than the number of recorded voters, it had to be 2020. This discrepancy has never occurred this way before and yet in 2020 it happened for the first time. What are the odds?

It’s similar to 18 out of 19 bellwether counties somehow incorrectly voting for the winner of the election. The numbers just don’t lie and when they do, it’s an obvious sign of something being very wrong.

Now we have the US Census pointing to a fraudulent election. When are state legislatures going to wake up and do their jobs? It’s time for the fraud and corruption in the 2020 election to be exposed.

Video: Robert Barnes and Rich Baris discuss the results in Texas


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