Fri. Jan 28th, 2022
Stacey Abrams Texting Arizonans To Pass the S.1 Legislation that Gives Democrats More Ability to Cheat

Here we go again.

Stacey Abrams on Wednesday said she is running for Georgia governor in 2022.

“I’m running for Governor because opportunity in our state shouldn’t be determined by zip code, background or access to power.” Abrams said.

Abrams vowed to fight for “economic equality” (Communism) and expand healthcare access.

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Recall, Stacey Abrams lost to Republican Brian Kemp in 2018 by 55,000 votes.

Abrams refused to concede and blamed racism and voter suppression for her lack of votes.

For the last few years Abrams has repeatedly claimed the election was stolen from her.

Abrams as spent the last couple years fighting against groups working to clean up dirty voter rolls in Georgia.

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