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Report: Student body president advocates to murder cops, says ‘I hate white people so much it’s not even funny’

(Natural News) The student body president of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) was recently discovered posting extreme, racist, and violent rhetoric on social media.

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According to reports, some of this violent rhetoric included advocating for the targeted killings of law enforcement. In one of the posts to social media, the leader of VCU’s student government, who reportedly identifies as transgender and non-binary, wrote:

“I hate white people so much it’s not even funny.”


In the now-suspended Twitter account @okrasocialist, VCU student body president Taylor Marie Maloney, tweeted in March:

“Ur reminder to advocate for the .”


The Post Millennial reported that the 20-year-old student body president was recently championed by the ACLU of Virginia for being the “first openly transgender and non-binary person” elected to the position to lead the student government at VCU. The group tweeted:

“Taylor is a fierce advocate who is making strides for diversity in leadership. They are committed to justice for all and creating lasting change in their community and we are grateful for their hard work and dedication.”

However, social media posts written by the communist activists have now surfaced showing their advocacy for killing cops, rioting, looting, vandalism, and hatred of white people.

When a follower of the black nationalist Nation of Islam group rammed his car purposely into Capitol Police, killing one of the officers back on April 2nd, Maloney reported celebrated his death. Maloney wrote via Twitter:

“ove this we need more of this.”


On the day of the Derek Chauvin verdict, Maloney reportedly declared on Twitter that they hoped he was acquitted so that rioters could “but this (expletive) to the ground.” Maloney also made a number of racists posts on social media.

Maloney has taken to social media to also defend the two teenagers who were charged in the fatal carjacking of Uber Eats driver Mohammad Anwar, tweeting, in part:

“i’m sorry, but a world where 13/15 year olds feel like they have to carjack is (expletive) up enough.”

The student body president also recently called for the burning of city buses in Richmond, Virginia, tweeting:

“when richmond gonna try up another bus? when are we gonna see some action again? i thought yall was anarchists.”


According to reports, during summer 2020, while protesting, Maloney was arrested for trespassing in Monroe Park in Richmond, Virginia. At the time of her arrest, Maloney was president-elect of VCU’s student government association.

As student body president at VCU, Maloney oversees more than 30,000 students and how funds are distributed to over 500 student organizations on campus. Maloney is reportedly studying political science and government.

Maloney acknowledged receiving The Post Millennial’s request for comment on Twitter, but did not respond. Instead, in a tweet, she wrote:

“I did say all these things.”

A university spokesperson told Breitbart News that the school is “aware of the comments made on social media.” The spokesperson added that, “calls for violence and hateful language do not reflect the position or values of VCU.” The spokesperson stated:

“The Student Government Association is a student-run organization. Neither the organization nor any of its members or officers speaks or acts on behalf of VCU. The university does not comment on whether disciplinary action has been taken against a student.”

Maloney is also an organizer for the Virginia Student Power Network (VSPN), a network of self-described radical college students across the state.

During summer 2020, the ACLU of Virginia filed a lawsuit against the state police and the Richmond Police Department on the VSPN’s behalf for allegedly infringing upon the group’s constitutional rights to free speech, assembly, and protest.

Maloney also appeared on an episode of Race Capitol’s activism podcast, titled, “Why All the Kids Are Communists (and Yours Should Be Too!).” Amid the summer 2020 riots, Maloney also championed the toppling of statues in an interview with Style Weekly.

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