Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Rep. Bishop Calls Out Lying Democrat for Saying Trump Supporters “Bludgeoned Police Officer to Death” During Hearing – Democrat Rep. Montaire Jones Makes Fool of Himself

Joe Biden and Democrats like to lie about the “five police officers” who were killed by Trump supporters on January 6.

Not one line of that is true.

Joe Biden has made the false claim several times.

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THE TRUEH IS — Four Trump supporters were killed on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol. Including two female Trump supporters were killed by police that day and it was all caught on video. One female Trump supporter was shot dead in cold blood.

At least two other Trump supporters have committed suicide following the January 6 protests after months of continued harassment and threats by their government.

One police officer died the day after the US Capitol riot. The officer died the next day from a stroke. He was not the victim of a beating. That lie was promoted by the mainstream media and it was all a lie. There were no police deaths that day. But Democrats, the fake news and Joe Biden continue to tell this lie to this day.

On Thursday Democrat Rep. Mondaire Jones said during a committee hearing that Capitol Police Officer Brian Secknick was “bludgeoned to death” by Trump supporters on January 6th.

Once again, this is a blatant lie. In fact Gateway Pundit writer Cassandra Fairbanks was the first reporter to debunk this media lie when she spoke with family members after the protests.

Thank goodness, Rep. Dan Bishop was there to correct the dishonest Democrat.

Watch Rep. Jones attempt to put the blame on Rep. Bishop.


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