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Our Actions Must Matchup with Our Rhetoric

COMMON SENSE: Most believers will admit their Christ-consciousness is frequently marginal. It’s not that we don’t love the Lord; we do. That’s a given, but most of us don’t think about Him very much or very often. For us, the enlightened believers of the twenty-first century, being focused on
Christ is reserved for a few special times in the week and not much more. The truth is our lives are similar to those of our non-believing friends, but definitely not similar to those of the Progressive Children of Darkness.
When you think about yourself and your Christian friends, does this seem like an accurate assessment? Has your Christ consciousness been minimal nearly all of the time? Going one step further, acknowledging how little we actually think about the Lord in our daily routine, we need to take a look at our personal spiritual environment.
When twenty-first-century Christians consider spiritual matters, nearly all of us pay very little attention to Satan’s dark kingdom. Millions believe that to do so would be an invitation for him to exert increased influence over their lives, which is something no Christian desires. Where the Children of Dark- ness are concerned, because God has turned them over to depravity, we should recognize that they are being led by demonic forces, but we don’t usually consider this.
In modern-day Christianity, non-biblical reasoning has become nearly universal. To give Satan anything more than passing mention seems sacrilegious, despite the huge influence he exerts in the world and in each of our lives. Our predisposition is to dismiss or minimize Satan’s influence. What we fail to realize is that this makes his desire to deceive us much easier.
In our modern, materially oriented culture, we spend very little time thinking about Christ and practically no time thinking about Satan. We fill our day-to-day lives with thoughts of tangible things and little else. Our world is oriented toward what is concrete—what we can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell. To us, this is what is real. This is why we think the way we do, which is exactly why we are like our non-believing friends.
—Jack Watts

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Stand Firm Against Progressivism Knowing profound change must occur, if we are to survive as the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is clear that a group of patriotic Christians and others of faith must be strong enough, committed enough and determined enough to make a stand. Only then can the course of American history be altered, precisely like it was in the Revolutionary era.What is needed, however, isn’t simply a renewal in patriotism. Our need is more fundamental than this. If we want change that will last, if we want our core values to be restored, if we want our way of life to flourish once again, we are the ones who will need to change—not the Progressives. Being degenerate by nature, most of them are incapable of changing—not for the better anyway.This is not true for us. If we change, America will change. If we don’t, the Children of Darkness will secure their victory and the United States we have known will cease to exist. To survive and once again thrive, we must embrace the fact that Christ placed us in this position. It is for such a time as this that we have been groomed. It is up to us, ordinary people, to stand strong for the USA. Nothing less than a renewed commitment to godliness will accomplish the goal we desire. This is why Retaking the USA: From Darkness and Depravity has been written. If you read the book, it will change you forever—no doubt about it. — Purchase Jack Watts Book by Clicking Here.


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