Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

No More RINO Leadership, Please!


COMMON SENSE: The key to America’s future goes through Maricopa County, Arizona. As vigorously and repeatedly as the Democrats have tried to stop the lawful audit of the 2020 Presidential Election, they are terrified that their behavior will be exposed to the light of day. If there was nothing to discover, they would just allow the audit to proceed unhindered, wouldn’t they? Of course, they would, but they aren’t, are they? No, they are not.

One of the major distractions to this important story is coming from Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY). She maintains that we are at a “turning point” in American history. I agree with her about this. This is where we are, but the answer is certainly not to follow Cheney’s lead. She’s a consummate RINO, the kind that CNN loves to praise on occasion.

We don’t want Liz or her voice to lead us. What we want is America First and a return to the Rule of Law. We want to return to the nation we have enjoyed for over two hundred years. We don’t want Socialism and we don’t want any of the other nonsensical proposals coming from those the Democrats and RINOs who champion Globalism.

Cheney isn’t one of us. Her true colors are showing. We see who she is and so do the voters of Wyoming. They will disavow her soon.

What we want is voter integrity. Because we do, we wholeheartedly champion what the brave patriots are doing in Arizona. Let the truth be known, which this audit will reveal. One more thing: We’re not going to change and we certainly will not be intimidated.


—Jack Watts

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Stand Firm Against Progressivism Knowing profound change must occur, if we are to survive as the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is clear that a group of patriotic Christians and others of faith must be strong enough, committed enough and determined enough to make a stand. Only then can the course of American history be altered, precisely like it was in the Revolutionary era.What is needed, however, isn’t simply a renewal in patriotism. Our need is more fundamental than this. If we want change that will last, if we want our core values to be restored, if we want our way of life to flourish once again, we are the ones who will need to change—not the Progressives. Being degenerate by nature, most of them are incapable of changing—not for the better anyway.This is not true for us. If we change, America will change. If we don’t, the Children of Darkness will secure their victory and the United States we have known will cease to exist. To survive and once again thrive, we must embrace the fact that Christ placed us in this position. It is for such a time as this that we have been groomed. It is up to us, ordinary people, to stand strong for the USA. Nothing less than a renewed commitment to godliness will accomplish the goal we desire. This is why Retaking the USA: From Darkness and Depravity has been written. If you read the book, it will change you forever—no doubt about it.

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