Sat. May 28th, 2022
SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: Georgia’s Republican Governor Kemp Should Be Disqualified from Ever Running for Office Again

COMMON SENSE: I watched “2000 Mules” in its entirety. Since I live in Georgia, which provided Biden 16 Electoral votes instead of Trump, I was particularly interested in this documentary. The idea of using GPS to track people repeatedly using drop boxes to change the election’s outcome was brilliant. The assumptions used, that the votes were all for Biden and that each drop averaged five votes, seemed reasonable, but it isn’t actual proof. What was provided were conjectures—reasonable conjectures, but conjectures nonetheless.

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This means the documentary didn’t irrefutably prove anything, but what it did do was raise reasonable suspicion that the outcome out the election was fraudulently altered. What True the Vote didn’t do was prove what happened. Not being a law enforcement agency, they couldn’t. They don’t have the authority to do that. Then, who does.

Since Presidential Elections are by state and not national, the ultimate authority in each of the five states researched belongs to state legislators, but the Governors, Lieutenant Governors and Secretaries-of-State also have key roles to play. In Georgia, all three are Republicans—Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan and Brad Raffensberger. Because they are, you would think that they would be particularly interested in discovering the truth about what happened, wouldn’t you? But they haven’t been, have they? In fact, they have been the exact opposite.

Lieutenant Governor Duncan, as head of the General Assembly, has gone so far as to strip about a dozen legislators of their committee chairmanships, just because these chairmen refused to buckle under to the assertion that the election was fair and legal. To this day, Kemp, Duncan and Raffensperger have been obstructionists, haven’t they? But why? What do they have to gain? Why do they continue to support an outcome that looks to be false?

Is it possible that Kemp, Duncan and Raffensberger have something to gain by hiding the truth? I suspect that it is. As a Fulton County voter, where most of the alleged shenanigans occurred, I have a keen interest in voter integrity. The highly-suspicious activity of mules altering the election outcome needs to be investigated by the GBI. Law enforcement detectives need to question each of these mules, and the GBI needs to follow the money trail. If they do, it may answer the question about why Kemp is now rich, when he was heavily in debt when he became governor. Because Georgians do not want our state to be as corrupt as Chicago or New York, we must have answers, not deceitful assurances by corrupt politicians.


—Jack Watts

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