Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

HUGE ARIZONA UPDATE: Desired Data Collected from the Voting Machines for Forensic Audit – Machines Are Ready for Handover Back to Maricopa County

The machines selected for review in the 2020 Election audit in Maricopa County are being packed up for a handover back to the County.

Reporter Brahm Resnik in Phoenix reported this afternoon that the voting machines obtained for the audit were being packed up for transport. He insinuated that it must be due to the Democrat Secretary of State’s observer being onsite yesterday.

Resnik later reported that the County was informed that the machines were no longer needed:

After Resnik’s first tweet Neil Johnson posted an update confirming the machines are no longer needed.

Neil is right.  An IT expert shared with us the normal process that takes place in an audit of machines like what is being done here.  Likely the auditors made copies of the machines.  If done properly the machines will not be impacted in any way and a clean copy is created.  There is likely more than one copy of each machine copied for safekeeping and review.

After all the machines are copied, which should take approximately 24 hours, the machines are no longer needed.  Also, since there was nothing that changed on the machines there would be little to no impact from this audit.  This should prevent massive costs from being incurred by the County, unlike what Brahm is insinuating here:

The fact that the machines included in the Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit are ready to be returned back to the County is not unexpected and is a good sign indicating likely that copies of the machines have already been gathered.  The audit moves forward.

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