Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Gay Man in Drag Tells LGBT Supporters: ‘Keep Your Kids Out of Drag Queen Shows’

by Paul Joseph Watson

A trending video shows a gay man in drag telling other supporters of the LGBT movement to keep their children away from drag queen shows and gay clubs.

The clip, originally posted on Tik Tok, shows a somewhat unlikely poster child for wholesomeness pointing out the blindingly obvious.

“Keep (your) kids out of drag and keep your kids out of our fucking gay clubs,” says the man, who identifies as a homosexual.

The interviewer then refers to a story we covered last month where children were being paraded around during a late night drag queen show in L.A. and encouraged to take cash tips from members of the crowd.

“Obviously when we’re seeing 12-year-olds dressed as girls and women, stripping for gay men throwing them dollar bills on a stage, I don’t know why me as a homosexual has to tell people keep your kids out of my life, keep your kids innocent and pure as long as you can,” he adds.

The man also said ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ was “stupid,” “damaging” and “will lead to more confusion of gay children.”

In 2019, so-called ‘drag queen kid’ Desmond is Amazing performed on stage at a gay club in New York while patrons tossed money at the then 12-year-old boy.

A video posted to Tik Tok in February last year showed a drag queen dancing suggestively in front of a girl no older than 6 as adults in the room applauded and cheered.

The following month, we also highlighted how a school in Brooklyn reportedly handed out stickers to 4-year-old children during a ‘drag queen story time’ event that said “drag queen in training.”

This occurred in the same month that video emerged of a drag queen in the UK teaching toddlers how to twerk.

This individual is not the first member of the LGBT community to express bewilderment at why others are exposing children to drag queen culture.

Last year, drag queen Kitty Demure posted a viral video in which he expressed his amazement at why ‘woke’ parents are allowing their kids to be around drag queens, asking, “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?”

The video has now disappeared because Demure was later banned by Twitter.

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