Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Cellular modems have been found in voting machines across the nation.  Their presence indicates the voting machines are susceptible to hacks and outside interference and ultimately the final results cannot be trusted.

We last reported on the presence of modems used alongside voting machines on December 7, 2020.  We identified the modems that were sold as part of a package from Dominion Voting Systems.  These were options for purchase in Michigan and were used in Georgia.

Here was our article:

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Another article from November of 2020 was brought to our attention related to voting machines having modems.  In this case, modems were being used in voting machines in Florida:

In the past few days, election integrity activists got up close to the current generation of ES&S voting machines — close enough to record video of a digital scanner voting machine sending results wirelessly.

The ability of the machines to communicate with the outside world has generally not been acknowledged by either the manufacturer or election officials. Yet this wireless link is at the heart of concerns that election results could be hacked or manipulated, “including attacks that could change vote totals and election results,” said Emily Levy, director of communications at the voting transparency group AUDIT-USA.

…A vulnerability like this means there is no secure chain of custody for election materials in Broward County or any other county that has modems inside or connected to their election systems,” Levy said. “That means we can’t trust the official election results produced by those voting systems.”

We can’t trust the results in any state or county that uses voting machines with modems.  In these cases, the chain of custody is lost and official results can’t be trusted. 

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