Tue. Aug 16th, 2022
EXCLUSIVE: A View from Behind the Stage at Last Night’s HUGE Trump Rally in Wisconsin

President Trump held another major rally in the US last night.  His rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin was huge.  Joe Biden could never do this.  

President Trump held a rally last night in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  The crowd was huge.  He shared on a number of topics.

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Have you ever wondered what a Trump rally looks like from behind the stage?  We have some exclusive photos from behind the stage.  President Trump entered the event to a monstrous  Wisconsin welcome.

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From behind the stage, you don’t get to see the President from the crowd’s view but you do get to see the crowd.

Every once and a while the President turns to recognize all his supporters.

Joe Biden could never get the crowds that President Trump obtains and he never could stand and share like the President does.  No one would go to see Biden.  We know this because no one ever has. 

Also, Biden couldn’t physically do what President Trump is doing.  We know this because Biden is senile and has lost it.  Biden walks with a shuffle and mumbles through written texts.  

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