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TOP NEWS 5-01-21

The DEPTHS of this WAR are IMMENSE. The ENEMY of the PEOPLE will LOSE!

Del Bigtree – Exposes the Futility of Vaccinations & Their Never Ending Cycle of Abuse

Arizona Judge Dan Martin Released the 2020 Election Audit Team’s Security Document to the Public Last Week – This is Not Good At All


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Learn The Secrets of Bill And Melinda Gates’ Divorce From Alex Jones

FREEDOM: DeSantis Suspends ALL Florida COVID Restrictions (VIDEO)

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BREAKING: Windham Residents STAND WITH BACKS TURNED on Board As They Railroad Audit Process — SCREAM AND CHANT “RESIGN!” (VIDEO)

BREAKING! Windham, NH Board WALKS OUT of Town Meeting After Outraged Residents Shout Them Down Over Audit! — VIDEO … UPDATE: Meeting Moved to High School

Tucker Carlson Drops Bomb: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz Are Roommates! (VIDEO)


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Jack Watts: The Democrats Can’t Stop the Audit in Maricopa County


More Headlines:

  • BREAKING: Former Oregon Democrat House Majority Speaker Arrested For Human Sex Trafficking
  • ‘Unlock Michigan’ Sues Michigan Bureau of Elections after State Officials will Not Accept Petition to Repeal Gretchen Whitmer’s Emergency Lockdowns
  • More Democrat Insanity: Green New Deal Mastermind Claims Saving the Planet Requires Eliminating Police and Changing Power Relationships
  • UK vaccine records to be linked with travel passports, but they dare not call them “vaccine passports”
  • The AMA says anyone who opposes transgender mutilation of children is “dangerous”
  • Researchers discover that Kefir (fermented yogurt) can halt cytokine storms observed during SARS-CoV-2 infections
  • Anti-science Twitter censors all peer-reviewed science exposing futility of masks
  • GENOCIDE in the U.S. continues: 3,848 DEATHS and 118,902 injuries following COVID injections – Children now being reported as dying
  • Almost every fully vaccinated resident at a Kentucky nursing home tested positive for Covid-19
  • INVESTIGATION: Canadian government PAYING private companies to imprison new workers in covid quarantine camps against their will

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