Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

TOP NEWS 5-26-21 

Huge Numbers Coming Out That Are DAMNING To Biden – 950 Military Ballots Checked… 100% Went For Biden!

Full update: Vaccine tourists flock to America to receive vaccine DEATH shots, while the CDC bribes dating apps to attach vaccination badges and “super likes” to dating profiles

“He Cannot Investigate Himself!” – Rand Paul Calls for Dr. Fauci to Testify Under Oath and for Him to BE EXCLUDED from Investigation on Origin of COVID Virus (VIDEO)


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Note Worthy Articles:

Dominion Blames “Human Error” For Voting Machines Mislabeling Republican Ballots in PA County

Project Veritas blows lid on Facebook’s global censorship of “vaccine hesitancy”

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Breaking: After Continual Trashing of Senate Audit – Republican Led Committee STRIPS Democrat Katie Hobbs from Hearing any Audit-Related Lawsuits until 2023

Yes, covid vaccines are spreading variants

RELEASE THE TAPES! — Rep. Devin Nunes Says Democrats Won’t Release Tapes from Jan. 6 US Capitol Assault – Why Is That? (VIDEO)


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More Headlines:

  • A Shocking Turn – Crooked Raffensperger Says He Supports Fulton County Forensic Audit After Lying about Trump Phone Call and Ignoring Fraud Allegations in 2020 Election
  • “A Weaponized Operation” – General Flynn Blasts Biden Admin’s Efforts to Cover Up Origins of Covid
  • UPDATE: Biden Admin Shuts Down Trump’s Investigation into Origins of China Virus — Then Turns It Over to Crooked Intel Community and Asks China to Help
  • Another Hoax Exposed: Whistleblower’s Claims She Was Directed to Delete Covid Cases and Deaths From Florida’s Data Unsupported by Evidence
  • Rioters Vow To Burn Police Building Down In Portland On George Floyd Death Anniversary
  • Portland State University college students donate money to Hamas to “destroy Israel”
  • Mike Lindell Kicked Out of Republican Governors Association Conference After Promising to Confront AZ and GA Governors About Election Fraud
  • FLASHBACK: When Cellular Modems Are Found in Voting Machines Chain of Custody Is Lost and Official Results Can’t Be Trusted
  • Chicago restaurants echo “no colored people” chapter of history by pushing unvaccinated people into designated areas, treating them like vermin
  • Another Hate Hoax: Vandals Target Black-Owned Auto Repair Shop with Racist Graffiti, Smash Up Cars – Security Footage Shows it’s Two Black Guys
  • Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s Method of Validating Votes by Concentrating on the Paper Ballots May Save the Union
  • CNN Ratings Plunge Since Trump Left Office – Fake News Network Loses Nearly 70% of Its Viewers
  • Arizona AG Files Motion to Intervene on DNC Court Case Involving Ballot Harvesting and Out-of-Precinct Voting — Democrats Want to Cheat and Crooked Katie Hobbs Refused to Appeal Case

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