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TOP NEWS 5-20-21 

Dan Bongino: Liberals Don’t Live in Reality (Scientific FACT) + Fireworks With Geraldo Last Night

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary’s Attorney Marc Elias, Her Campaign Manager John Podesta and Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain Are Connected to Democrat Efforts to Stop the Maricopa Audit

Jim Jordan Slams Democrats And Unloads Questions At Dr. Fauci Over COVID-19 Origins


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Note Worthy Articles:

HUGE! Election Officials in Pennsylvania Blame “Coding Error” with Dominion Voting Machines for Flaws with Republican Votes In Primary this Week (VIDEO)

‘The Dominoes Are Starting to Fall – The Freight Train Is Coming Across the Country” – Boris Epshteyn Describes Road Ahead for Election Integrity (VIDEO)

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“Queen of the House of Hypocrites – Believes in Tyrannical Socialist or Communist Government” – MTG Does Not Hold Back – ROASTS Pelosi in Latest Interview (VIDEO)

Patriot Streetfighter ROINDTABLE with Mike Jaco – A Faster Paced Future Coming Soon…

Gates and Epstein traded advice on Bill’s ‘toxic’ marriage, Jeff’s pedo image rehab during secretive “men’s club” gatherings


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Latest Guest Posts:

Jack Watts: Unaccompanied Illegal Children Are Being Exploited


More Headlines:

  • Five Rural Counties In Oregon Vote To Leave State And Become Part Of Idaho
  • Arizona Secretary of State Hobbs Says Election Machines in Audit Should Never Be Used Again… and We Agree – No Election Machines Should Ever Be Used Again
  • California County Requires Businesses to Submit Covid-19 Vaccination Status of All Employees
  • Maskless Hugs and Handshakes are Back at the White House as Pelosi Fines GOP Lawmakers For Ditching Their Masks
  • One Day After Biden Gifts Russia with Pipeline Waiver — Putin Vows to “Knock the Teeth Out” of Foreign Enemies If Arctic Base is Threatened
  • Biden and Security Guard Kamala Hold Press Conference — Only 799 Tune In — But Don’t Forget, Joe Got 81 Million Votes!
  • LEGO announces the release of its first-ever LGBT set, which includes a drag queen
  • WIN: Utah Passes Bill Banning Mandatory Masks in Public Schools and Universities
  • IT BEGINS: Fully Vaccinated People in Oregon Must Show Proof of Vaccination Status in Order to Enter Businesses Without a Mask
  • CNN’s Chris Cuomo Participated in Strategy Calls to Help His Brother Andrew Cuomo Cover Up Sexual Harassment Scandal
  • Players and Parents Complain About Detroit Mercy Girls BBall Coach – University Keeps Coach – All 14 Players Leave
  • Trans Golfer Who Played On Men’s College Team Wins Women’s Title, Eyes LPGA

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