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TOP NEWS 5-19-21 

X22 Report: How Do You Know The Is Panicking? Watch Their Actions, It’s Getting Hotter


HERE WE GO: Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate VERNON JONES Calls for Forensic Audit of Controversial 2020 Election


Hong Kong residents stand up against plan to send them to coronavirus prison camps



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Note Worthy Articles:

AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward: Forensic Audit Should Be Finished by End of June — Hints That There are Numerous Duplicated Ballots Without Originals (VIDEO)


WHOA: Blockbuster new video shows Jan. 6 rioters were given OK to enter Capitol by police


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Michael Patrick Leahy: Thousands of Georgia Ballots Were Delivered BEFORE They Were Picked Up from Drop Boxes in Georgia on Election Night (VIDEO)


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: China Releases Video Targeting TGP Contributor Lawrence Sellin, PhD, Due to His Work Uncovering the Role of China’s Military in the COVID-19 Crisis (VIDEO)



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Jack Watts: Our Prayer



More Headlines:

  • Jill Biden to Kamala Harris After 2019 Presidential Debate: “Go F*ck Yourself”
  • NY State Troopers Raid Democrat Mayor’s Home in Rochester, NY — Police Announce It Is a Criminal Investigation
  • ‘Possible Election Violation’ – Fayette County District Attorney Launches Investigation Into Rejected Ballots in Tuesday’s Primary
  • Biden’s Summer Camp for Migrant Kids: Plans for 10,000 Children in Massive Tent City at Fort Bliss, Texas – Up from 4,500 Currently Warehoused There in Filthy Conditions
  • Democrat Delaware State Lawmaker Arrested For Punching Woman in the Face at Restaurant
  • WE WERE RIGHT: In August 2020 TGP Reported Per the CDC That Only 6% of All COVID-19 Deaths Were Caused by EXCLUSIVELY by the COVID-19 Virus – Today It’s Down to 5%!
  • Amazon Suspends Conservative Author’s Ad Campaign For New Book, Says It Contains ‘Controversial’ Content
  • Biden’s America: Roving Band of Palestinians Attack Jews in Los Angeles
  • New York Attorney General Announces Trump Organization Now Under “Criminal” Investigation
  • Health departments caught lying, covering up covid vaccine vascular damage and “acute anaphylactic reactions”
  • Merriam-Webster becomes George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” propaganda center as dictionary vastly expands definition of “anti-Vaxxer” to include people who simply don’t want the COVID shot
  • Going Viral in Japan: Joe Biden Sent Out $1,400 Stimulus Checks to Roughly 150,000 Japanese Citizens
  • Big Tech is now censoring God’s words

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