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TOP NEWS 5-12-21 

Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by design)

X22 Report: The Tide Is Turning, The 2020 Election Will Go Down As The Crime Of The Century

Antidote for Spike Proteins & COVID19 Vaccination: Fennel, Star Anise, Shikimic acid, Pine Needles, Turpentine & NANO SOMA

NANO SOMA SUGGESTED FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED – A possible antidote for those who been vaccinated.
As stated inside the video above, this can remove the nanotech and allow your body to replace it’s own proper DNA back where
it should be. It seems that the price tag is set to around $57 across the board from what I’ve seen, but this is the website she
suggests getting it from: LIFE-ENTHUSIAST.COM*

**The Nano Soma at Life Enthusiast is about sold out, next round will show up late June early July!
This isn’t a fake time sensitive sales push this was straight from the owners mouth when I talked with him,
so if you want to stock up, you need to act now. I will look for other authorized sellers. With that said I’ll see
if I can get more information about Nano Soma and how it can help with those that have been vaccinated.


Red Pine Needle Oil Capsules
Turpentine as Medicine?: The Medicinal Healing Benefits of Terpenic Oil
Turpentine Gum Spirits
Pine Needle Tea

Health Ranger Mike Adams talked about the main ingredient what you’re looking for in the pine needles is called Shikemic acid
which you can also find in Anise Seed and Fennel (which you’ll learn about in the videos above). 

You can also try Shikimic Acid Anise Seed Capsules (bit more affordable) — CLICK HERE

Or you can make your own:

1.5 lb of Fennel Seed
1 lb of Anise Seed
Cheap Espresso Machine (for making the tea to get the Shikimic Acid)

Watch the compilation of videos above to learn how more.


Grab Yourself a “I Identify as Vaccinated” T-shirt for only $10 (Price to Increase to $24.95) – CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

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US Census Bureau Confirms Major Discrepancy In Total Number Of Voters In 2020 Election

NEW HAMPSHIRE Forensic Election Audit Update: Asst. AG Seen Walking Toward Table Covered With “Secured” Ballots At 11:15 PM Before Camera Footage Went Out For An Hour

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Live-Stream Video: Panicked Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Hold Monday Meeting Before Tuesday’s Senate Grilling — Starting at 4 PM ET

The top 10 most QUESTIONABLE INGREDIENTS purposely put in today’s already dirty vaccines


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This program has a lot of people up in arms thinking it’s a scam, however I’ve gone through these amazing
lessons multiple times since I first bought the program many years ago. It is by far the most powerful
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