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Cyber Ninjas Are Also Part of Team Refuting Secretary of State Benson’s Letter Claiming ‘Operator Error’ in Election Results in Antrim County, Michigan

The Michigan case is still alive where the Secretary of State’s office claimed that it was human error in Antrim County that caused the error identified after the election that changed the winner of the county from President Trump to Biden.  This was identified in a recount after the election and President Trump was announced the winner in the county.

A lawsuit has been in place for some time led by attorney Mathew Deperno.  His team refuted this message from the Secretary of State’s office that claimed operator error rather than machine-related errors caused the voter discrepancy in the county.  The audit team Diperno put together includes Cyber Ninjas – the same firm running the election audit in Maricopa County right now.

We’ve reported that the Secretary of State in Michigan is connected to George Soros:

We also reported in December that the results of Deperno’s initial analysis of the voting machines in Antrim County included numerous material errors and issues:

The fact that the machines sent such a material amount of ballots to adjudication is a very BIG issue.   We reported how this should be addressed before these machines are ever used in an American election again:

Yesterday Mlive provided an update on Deperno’s Antrim County audit:

A Michigan judge on Monday said he’ll allow a dozen tech and election experts, including the Florida firm Cyber Ninjas and others who alleged election fraud following the November presidential election, to refute a secretary of state election report that determined mistakes in Michigan voting results were caused by human error and didn’t signal vulnerability or tampering with election machines.

Cyber Ninjas is the name of a Florida-based consulting firm owned by Doug Logan, who’s expressed support for election fraud “Stop the Steal” conspiracy theories on social media. The company was recently hired by the Republican-majority Arizona Legislature to conduct an audit of election results in Maricopa County. That audit began last week…

…Antrim County Circuit Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer said expert witness testimony or any reports they produce should address only claims made in a report published by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office that was produced by J. Alex Halderman, a computer security and systems specialist and professor at the University of Michigan.

Halderman’s March 26 report, entitled “Analysis of the Antrim County, Michigan November 2020 Election Incident,” outlined procedural and computer-related flaws he found while reviewing Antrim County election results.

Antrim County became a focal point for election challengers after the clerk there reported incorrect preliminary results that indicated now-President Joe Biden beat former President Donald Trump in the conservative-leaning county.

It looks like Deperno, Cyber Ninjas and others will be busy over the next month putting together a report refuting Secretary of State Benson’s report that the issue in Antrim County was related to operator error.

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