Thu. May 26th, 2022

Local Arizona patriot, Ka’rin Royster attended The Scottsdale Unified School District Board Meeting on Tuesday night where cowardly board members abandoned their post.

Ka’rin arrived on the scene at 5:15 PM for the 6 PM meeting and there was already a line of angry parents out the door. About 100 or more people attended this hearing.

Most of the parents were not wearing masks and the school board ordered them to put masks on before the meeting began. Parents refused to comply and they argued with the board for about 20 minutes.

The board said that if one refuses to comply, they will be escorted out of the building. The parents stood their ground causing the board to adjourn the meeting and abandon their post.

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That’s when the parents started chanting, “COWARDS!” and “New Board!… New Board…” The school board was then escorted out of the room by 4 police officers.

Instead of facing the taxpayers who demand answers, the board just left the room.
Who do they really answer to?

It’s obviously not their constituents.

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