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Counteracting the spike protein contagion from the experimental Covid-19 gene therapy

Posted On: 05/08/2021

The so-called “vax” is causing a condition known as “spike protein contagion” in many people, a condition which is fatal to many people. Likewise, those who have received this “vax” become carriers and are spreading it to others who have not taken the “vax.”

Red pine needle oil (or tea) contains something called suramin, which appears to be an antidote to spike protein contagion.

This antidote to the contagion, that has been known of by the upper levels of the medical establishment and insiders of the elitist class for almost 100 years, is called Suramin, an isolated compound originally derived from an extract of pine needle oil.

It is only available by injection and has been a closely guarded secret not made openly available to the masses during this “pandemic”, yet is an effective solution for parasites and viruses of several kinds, along with a large number of other conditions.


Suramin is known to inhibit blood clots, which are so common in those who have taken the Covid-19 “vax.”

According to the CDC, as of April 17, 2021, 3,486 people have died from the “vax,” and 86,080 have been injured JUST IN THE USA. In Europe the rate is almost twice as high. Now that so many have gotten the “vax,” they will continue to spread the contagion among the rest of us. Pregnant women and nursing mothers make their children especially vulnerable, as many have discovered too late.

It might be a good idea to get some red pine needle oil or tea in case you or someone you know comes down with this condition. Strangely enough, I got some pine needle oil a couple of years ago, before covid was invented. It tastes pretty bad, so I still have quite a bit left for future use. No doubt the tea tastes better, but I suspect that the oil is more effective in case of emergency.

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How to make pine needle tea:

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