Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Christian Support for Israel Is Unwavering

COMMON SENSE: With Biden directing the foreign policy of the USA instead of President Trump, the situation is Israel has become extremely serious. While giving lip service to the Jews, Biden supports the Palestinian cause. The difference between the policy of the two administrations is night and day. Jewish writers are beginning to articulate a different mindset toward Americans. The following letter, which has some minor edits clearly articulates this:

“It is NO coincidence that Israel is on the brink of war with Hamas and the Palestinians a few months into Joe Biden’s tenure. Israel’s enemies are emboldened knowing they have a “friend” in the white house.


I also personally believe this has a lot to do with the Iran deal. They want to do this terrible deal at all costs for WHATEVER REASON. I believe the Biden administration has given the green light to these groups. Biden’s election = MORE DEAD JEWS.


I also believe that this article about former Ambassador Dermer is highly relevant. To sum it up, Ron Dermer suggests Israel should prioritize the evangelical community over U.S. Jews. He believes that the evangelical community in the United States comprises about 25 percent of our total population and is the BEST SUPPORTERS OF ISRAEL. I AGREE WITH HIM.

Shameful to say but true.


The evangelicals I know eat, breathe and sleep Israel. They are more aware of the issues, and they care more than many of our fellow Jews do. I know they believe in the end times. I don’t care; that is their belief. Who am I to tell them how to live and what to believe in? I deeply respect them and appreciate their love for our ancestral home Israel.


Frankly, if they successfully get all of the Jews of the world back to Israel and I see a man with a beard walking across the water, I WILL KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Until then, Dermer is right, and for those who truly love the one and only Jewish State, we should appreciate and thank them.”

This Jewish writer is correct. He has articulated our position well.


—Jack Watts

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