Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

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Walmart, UPS and FedEx commit to working more shifts to deal with global supply disruptions… but will it matter?

(Natural News)The White House announced Wednesday, Oct. 13, that Walmart, UPS and FedEx are moving to work more shifts to deal…

Biden’s handlers working hard to crash the system: Airline pilots say prepare for chaos over refusal to take mandated COVID vaccine

(Natural News)When a society functions properly, the people living in it take a lot of things for granted, like the…

EXCLUSIVE: Numerous Chinese Manufacturers Are Working Only 1-Day a Week As China Faces an Economic Crisis – 20 of 31 Provinces Roll Out Electricity Rationing

China’s manufacturing is shrinking faster than China or the media will let on.  Mixed with the corporate and government solvency…

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