Fri. May 27th, 2022

Category: Speaks

EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Is the ONLY Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Who Agrees To Debate – “It Speaks Volumes For Just How Bad Their Records Are… What a Shame.”

Matt Salmon (left), Karrin Taylor Robson (right) Kari Lake is the only Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate who will stand strong…

“If Solzhenitsyn Can Deal with Being in Gulag in Siberia, I Can Deal With this Jail in Virginia” – US Political Prisoner and Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Speaks with Gateway Pundit (AUDIO)

On January 6, 2021, several members of the Oath Keepers marched up the US Capitol steps, stood in a line,…

“People on that Committee Tried to Frame a Sitting President… And I’m Gonna Trust Them? You Think I’m a Fool?” – Rudy Giuliani Speaks Out after J6 Committee Refuses to Allow him to Record Testimony (VIDEO)

Former New York City Mayor and Trump Attorney Rudy Giulian was set to testify before Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 Committee…

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