Fri. May 27th, 2022

Category: #rights

BIDEN REGIME J6 PRISONER Left in Cell for Entire Weekend with Overflowing FILTHY TOILET Surrounded by “TONS OF HUMAN FECES”, Forced to Urinate in Sink! VILE & DISGUSTING Violation of Human Rights!

A DC Gitmo Detainee that has been arbitrarily thrown in “the hole” of DC Gitmo was left for an entire…

Human rights investigators find neo-Nazi torture chamber with corpse in Ukraine

(Natural News)While the Western world has blamed Russia for invading Ukraine — and by the standards of international law, Vladimir…

New Poll Shows 68% of Americans Are “Less Likely” to Do Business with Disney Following it’s Pro-Groomer Crusade Against Florida’s Parental Rights Bill – Stock Craters By Nearly $50 Billion

A few weeks ago, the woke warriors at Disney fired their opening salvo and waged an all-out war against the…

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