Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Category: #race

EXCLUSIVE: Pima County Poll Workers Trained To Illegally Give Republican Ballots To DEMOCRATS And To Illegally Electioneer In Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake’s Race For Governor

Matt Salmon (left), Karrin Taylor Robson (right) Pima County poll workers have been caught telling voters how to fill their…

“This Will Bring Down Their Evil Empire!” – HUGE UPDATE: Candidate Tine Peters Raises Funds for Recount in Stolen Colorado Primary Race! — INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENT!

On Tuesday, June 28, a no-name political operative who sits on the Board of Directors for Mark Zuckerberg’s private election…

CAUGHT: Machines Stole Another Race in Colorado – Flipped Vote Totals from GOP Grassroots Favorite Lynda Wilson After Election Called and Gave Them to RINO Lundeen — BRAZEN FRAUD!

Lynda Zamora Wilson (right) and Paul Lundeen Lynda Zamora Wilson is a retired US Air Force officer with a PhD…

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