Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

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“I Don’t Believe You Personally Reflect that Politicization” — Ugh. Ted Cruz Praises Dirtbag Chris Wray on FBI Lawlessness as Agents Continue to Storm Homes of Trump Supporters

Dirty FBI Director Chris Wray spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning in Washington DC. During questioning Chris…

BREAKING: SUSSMANN TRIAL: Hillary Clinton Personally Approved of Dissemination of Bogus Trump-Russia Alfa Bank Accusations to Media

Durham-Sussmann trial update: Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was indicted last September for lying to the FBI. According…

Mama Bear Warns Justin Trudeau and Ottawa Mayor: “If you touch one single child out there, I will personally gather mini-vans full of soccer moms and we will drive to Ottawa” [VIDEO]

Ever since day one of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy protest, children have played an important support role for the…

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