Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

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BREAKING: Jan. 6 Committee Cancels Thursday Hearing After Steve Bannon Says He Will Only Testify Live and In Person — And After Release of Explosive TGP Report

NOTICE: This site is purely a religious organization, anything that seems like political or health based discussion is simply our…

Dangerous and Ineffective: Experimental Pfizer Vaccine Causes Nearly FIVE “SERIOUS Adverse Events” Per Every ONE Person it Kept From Being Hospitalized with Covid, Study Finds

It has become increasingly clear that the experimental mRNA vaccines are nothing close to ‘safe’ or ‘effective’ as they have…

Google Insists Its Ex-Engineer Is Lying About LAMDA Robot Being ‘An Intelligent Person’ That Can Be Programmed To Do ‘Bad Things,’ But Look At The ‘Humanoids’ Slated To Take Over The Work Force

Google engineer Blake Lemoine pleaded with executives at the tech giant to halt production of it’s robot LAMDA because the…

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