Fri. May 27th, 2022

Category: #NYPD

Terrorist suspect arrested in NYC subway shootings identified as an anti-white racist, but he was still allowed to post on social media

(Natural News)The NYPD has arrested the man believed to be the one who shot up a New York City subway…

NYPD Internal Affairs Conjures Up “Guilt By Association” Subpoena to Access Trump Supporting Police Officer’s Cell Phone Records from Verizon Wireless! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PBA ATTORNEY!!

The NYPD’s persecution of a vocal Trump Supporting Police Officer carried on in an internal Disciplinary Hearing this past Tuesday.…

“GUILT BY ASSOCIATION!” NYPD Cop Politically Persecuted for Befriending Roger Stone and Supporting President Trump – “IT’S A TWO TIERED JUSTICE SYSTEM!” Video Interview!

Reminiscent of the federal political persecution of January 6th protesters that has swept the nation, the NYPD has taken it…

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