Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Category: Motion

BREAKING: “It’s Simple, If The Judge Allows Us To Inspect And Count The Ballots – WE WIN” Abe Hamadeh Files Motion For New Trial In Election Lawsuit After Recount Finds Hundreds of New Votes

Trafalgar Group Poll 09/14/2022 – 09/17/2022 Abe Hamadeh filed a ‘Motion for New Trial’ in the Mohave County Superior Court…

BREAKING: Katie Hobbs Files Emergency Motion For Reconsideration Of Order Denying Motion To Quash Her Subpoena For Appearance At Kari Lake’s Trial, Lawyers Withdraw Hobbs’ Subpoena

Corrupt Democrat Katie Hobbs Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has filed an emergency appeal in Kari Lake’s historic lawsuit…

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