Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Category: #lawyers

“Fake Stories… No Cross Examination, No Real Republicans, No Lawyers… Unselects Should Be Forced to Disband.” – President Trump on Corrupt Jan 6 Committee

President Trump shared some more on the Unselect Committee and the corrupt fairy tales they are trying to tell.  What…

INCREDIBLE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Capitol Police ALLOW Protesters to Enter Side Door – WILL BE USED IN COURT – “Dream Team” of Lawyers Including Alan Dershowitz Set to Defend January 6’ers

New professionally edited video has emerged of police officers allowing protesters into the Upper West Terrace Doors of the United…

Schweitzer: NYT’s Acknowledgement of ‘Laptop From Hell’ Indicates Lawyers for the Biden Crime Family are “Extremely Concerned Hunter Biden’s Going to Be Indicted” – (VIDEO)

Author and President of the Government Accountability Institute Peter Schweizer made some bold claims this weekend when he joined Fox…

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