Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Category: Labels

Warning labels on CIGARETTES now changed to cover for Covid vaccine-induced deaths claiming “small amounts” of SMOKE trigger “sudden blood clots, heart attacks and strokes”

(Natural News)Cigarette smoke and even second-hand smoke somehow, all of a sudden, can trigger blood clots, heart attacks and strokes,…

Japan puts warning labels on COVID vaccines in a move radically different from the rest of the world

(Natural News)While many countries around the world – including the United States – are trying to either downplay or outright hide the…

DESPICABLE: Leftist Vice News Labels Marines Neo-Nazis As Marines Brutally Murdered In Afghanistan – Navy SEAL Vet. Rep. Dan Crenshaw: “We Lost 11 Marines Today You F***** A**holes.”

Yesterday morning, far left Vice News published an article attacking armed service members, titled “Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?”.…

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