Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Category: Karrin

WATCH: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake EXPOSES Pence-Endorsed Candidate Karrin Robson For Possibly Unreported Campaign Flights On Her Husband’s Private Jet

The Doug Ducey and Mike Pence-endorsed establishment pick for Arizona Governor, Karrin Taylor Robson, is coming under fire again for…

WATCH: “Karrin, SHAME ON YOU” – Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake EXPOSES Her Ducey-Endorsed RINO Primary Opponent For Swindling Elderly Americans In Unethical Fundraising Scheme

Governor Doug Ducey-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial primary candidate Karrin Taylor Robson has been caught and exposed for scamming elderly voters across…

“If Money Buys Elections, Then She [Robson] Will Win Hands Down” – Matt Salmon Before Dropping Out And Endorsing RINO Billionaire Karrin Taylor Robson Against Kari Lake For AZ Governor

Former Congressman RINO Matt Salmon has dropped out of the race for Arizona Governor. This leaves Doug Ducey’s appointee to…

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