Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

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Not-so-cute: “Robodogs” sporting machine guns seen being tested in viral videos as our dystopian future begins to emerge in full

(Natural News)A huge glimpse into the dystopian, nightmarish future the global elite are planning for the common masses began going…

FDA grants full approval to untested Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents

(Natural News)The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted full approval to Pfizer’s Comirnaty Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine for children ages 12 to 15…

THEY ALL LIED AND WE HAVE PROOF! Highly Sensitive DOJ Jan 6. Documents Leaked to The Gateway Pundit – FBI Confidential Human Source INFILTRATED Proud Boys, Ran FBI Operation on J-6, Reported They Were INNOCENT! — See Texts and Documents IN FULL!!

Will this be the end of Chris Wray?  It should be. The FBI and the Department of Injustice continue to…

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