Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Category: #drops

U.S. senator drops bomb, says military members who refuse to get vaccinated risk dishonorable discharge and will lose right to vote, own guns

(Natural News)A U.S. senator from Kansas is warning that military members who refuse to follow the Pentagon’s order to take…

“They’ve Got Nothing Else to Talk About, This is The Worst Administration In History:” Rep Jim Jordan Drops Bomb on Biden and the Sham Jan 6th Commission During Firey Bannon Contempt Hearing

On Wednesday, Republican Reps. Jim Jordan (OH) and Matt Gaetz (FL) joined a hearing at the House Committee on Rules…

New Zealand drops “covid zero” policy, admits plandemic can’t be stopped by chasing “cases” with endless restrictions, lockdowns

(Natural News)The government of New Zealand has finally come to the realization that its “zero covid” policy – meaning society…

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