Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Category: #College

In the Army We Swear to Protect the Constitution “But We Don’t Even Learn It, At Hillsdale College There’s a Whole Class on the Constitution” – Former West Point Cadet Nickaylah Sampson Shares GOOD NEWS

Former West Point Cadet, Nickaylah Sampson, chose freedom over compliance and now is being blessed for her courageous choice.  Three…

Middlebury College in Vermont goes ballistic over new “covid” outbreak, which occurred despite 99% vaccination rate

(Natural News)Even though almost everyone at the school is already “fully vaccinated” for the Tony Fauci Virus (Covid-19), Middlebury College…

WHITES NOT WELCOME: Democrat supporters re-implement segregation at universities to exclude Whites

(Natural News)We all know that America’s colleges and universities are staffed and run by left-wing ‘progressives’ who go all-in for…

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