Fri. May 27th, 2022

On Wednesday, Joe Biden held his first press conference in several months, and, unsurprisingly, it was a complete trainwreck.

Marred by long pauses, nonsensical babble, and several awkward moments like holding his notes to his chest and rocking back and forth, Biden clearly couldn’t even handle the softball questions from the pre-approved list of reporters.

Ouch! AP Reporter Confronts Biden at Presser — Biden Fumbles, Keeps Repeating Nonsense about His “Progress” (VIDEO)

During the presser, Joe Biden pointed fingers at Trump, Republicans in general, COVID, and of course, January 6th, for his disastrous first year in office.

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Towards the end of the brutal question and answer session, a worn-down Biden points out the time, noting that there are only fifteen minutes left, and begs the reporters to only ask him “easy questions” so he can provide “quick answers” and wrap up without any more idiotic gaffes.

But, unsurprisingly, Biden couldn’t even hold it together for the next question, which he forced the reporter to repeat because he was “confused.”

In response to yet another softball question, this time on the Democrats ‘increasing concerns’ about school closures being a winning issue for Republicans in the midterms, Biden accidentally confirms those concerns as legitimate before realizing that he strayed from the narrative, which began a catastrophic meltdown having something to do with Republicans, misinformation, and his cratering poll numbers.

As Biden struggled to put it: “The cables are headed south.”


Watch (1:42:09 – 1:46:09):

What an embarrassment.

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