Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023
Jake “the Snake” Sullivan Was Right in the Middle of Hillary’s Trump Russia Collusion Lies – Now He’s Biden’s Nat Security Advisor

Jake Sullivan

Joe Biden’s  “National Security Adviser” and Russiagate conspirator Jake Sullivan visited Brasilía Monday and invited the convicted criminal Communist, purported election fraudster Lula da Silva to visit Washington. Indigenous tribes found the fake President-Elect’s hotel and made “the ground tremble”,

“National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan traveled to Brasilia, Brazil on Monday, December 5 for meetings with senior representatives of the Brazilian government and members of the incoming administration of President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Sullivan was accompanied by senior officials from the National Security Council and State Department.”, the White House reports. “During the meeting, Mr. Sullivan extended an invitation on behalf of President Biden for President-elect Lula to visit Washington.” Lula da Silva is a convicted criminal who  should be ineligiblke to become President, whcih the corrupt Supreme Court full of hus iown nominees vacated, and ignore all reports of election fraud to install their puppet. So of course he gets to visit Joe Biden.

However, the Biden regime may be disappointed. As Gateway Pundit reported, the Army continues to mobilize, with sources confirming the military will act this week to stop the steal and protect Brazil’s democracy. Hundreds on thousands of Brazlians continue to protest and urge the Army to intervene.

In Brasilía, indigenous tribes who occupied the airport and a mall on the weekend, found the hotel where “Lula the Thief” is staying and converged on the hotel, “making the ground tremble”, reports Journal de Cidade: “Indigenous people of the Xavante, Enawene Nawe and Kaiapó tribes portested outside the hotel, chanting that Lula would never become president. The Inidans once protected by the left now tunr against those who bewitched them.”


Lula’s security team were forced to beef up security around the hotel where the “president-elect” is staying , O Antagonista repüorts, and barriers were installed to prevekeep away the protestors. Indios are angry because there were allegedly zero votes for Bolosonaro in the fraudulent no-paper elections. Indios support President Bolsonaro because he protetcs them against radical “climate activists” who want to force them to live in the stone age.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Communist Chilean president threatened to invade Brazil if the Miliatry prevents the Communist coup. The Brazilian Army is reeinforcing the Borders to prevent invasion from their Communist neighbors, and mobilizing across Brazil.

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