Wed. Dec 1st, 2021
Bill Clinton Hangs Onto Hillary as He Leaves SoCal Hospital After Several Days of Treatment for Sepsis Infection (VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton on Sunday was released from UCI Medical Center in Irvine, California after being treated for a sepsis infection.

Clinton was hospitalized Tuesday for an untreated urinary tract infection that developed into sepsis.

According to CBS, Bill Clinton was disoriented and wasn’t speaking clearly when he was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday with an untreated urinary tract infection.

“He was disoriented, he wasn’t speaking clearly, he was nauseas, he had vomiting and they were very scared,” CBS reported on Saturday. “Literally hours later [Bill Clinton] could have died from the infection.”

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Clinton looked weak as he slowly exited the hospital on Sunday holding Hillary’s arm.

Bill Clinton shook hands with hospital staffers and took some photos before leaving in his motorcade.


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